Massimo Pizzoleo

Massimo Pizzoleo




It is an intangible ingredient that separates Gigli&Massimo from other companies; a profound passion, determination and drive to create, to deliver, to influence, and to improve.

Gigli&Massimo-Italy is a bold, new name in the beauty industry. The company emerges from a rare mix of vision, drive, experience, and resources.

We are a product of global influence and collaboration: our European partner, Roberto Gigli has been designing spaces for beauty professionals across Europe for over 40 years and established industrial designer and founder of the company, Massimo Pizzoleo, has been a prime-mover in the beauty industry in the US and Europe for 30 years.

He has been dubbed, “an industrial mastermind with the attention of an architect and the skills of a master-builder…” and is the driving force behind the emergence and growth of the Gigli&Massimo-Italy brand. Since Massimo arrived in the US in the late 1980’s from Italy, he has worked prolifically both in and out of the beauty industry, established himself as respected fine artist, and become an authority in design and manufacturing.

Gigli&Massimo-Italy is a manufacturing company with a global reach. Our inspiration comes from our Italian heritage and it informs everything we do. Our focus are the creative, administrative, and educational spaces used by beauty professionals to build a great brand, a great business, and educate future professionals.


is driven not only by a passion for
design but also the building
of lasting relationships.