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Feature 1

The Gigli&Massimo-Italy name is the next step in the evolution of a great company and lasting, fruitful relationships between prime movers of the beauty industry: Roberto Gigli in Italy and Massimo Pizzoleo in the US. Combined, there is 80 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, fabrication, logistics, customer service, and product knowledge.

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Gigli&Massimo-Italy works consistently to keep the quality of goods and services high, attention to detail consistent, and global networks strong to provide unequalled value and customer experience.

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Gigli&Massimo-Italy is a company with a global reach that designs and equips creative spaces for beauty professionals. With a new showroom in the Dallas, TX area, Gigli&Massimo Italy will begin to focus on the beauty industry in the US as well as overseas- taking part in remodels and new construction for salons, spas, and cosmetology academies with a vision to expand into other markets in the future.

The Gigli&Massimo brand is on the move!
Any successful business must listen to its customers and in no industry is that most evident than in the design industry. We always want the spaces we work on to look great but most importantly, they must function great- they must work! Our philosophy is to first and foremost listen to our customer and then speak.

The review of a great design will likely give credit to the designer but a great salon or spa is always a partnership, a collaboration, and a process. We want to know how our customer will use the space, what it says about them their vision. Whether or not it is a focus, there is always a brand and it can be strong or weak- Gigli&Massimo-Italy understands the importance and power of a strong brand and this can be a great feature of our design.

Feature 1

We invite you to visit our showroom to see our core offering of salon equipment and furnishings. This is a great conversation-starter and a creative boost to begin to see the possibilities. We don’t charge for the initial visit and we can begin to discuss options and the design and manufacturing process in detail. By the end of our meeting, we should have a good idea of where and how to begin. Walk-ins are always welcome and we look forward to seeing you!

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With a good understanding of our design process, we can begin to prepare a rough budget that includes design and equipment. It would be ideal to have a set of CAD drawings from an architect at this point but it is not necessary- a simple floor plan will work fine.

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Upon your approval, we will require a design deposit in order to move forward- our detailed design agreement will outline the design deposit and any additional fees.
The basic design fee serves as a retainer and will be applied toward the final equipment purchase as outlined in the agreement.

With the agreement in place, a Gigli&Massimo-Italy designer will then begin to work with you on preliminary drawings and space plans, moving toward the production of a final set of drawings that will detail the equipment layout and installation requirements in the completed space. Beyond the basic space planning and drawing preparation there are other services that we are pleased to offer that are also outlined in our design agreement.

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When ordering equipment, furnishings, or case goods from Gigli&Massimo-Italy, a deposit of no less than 50% of the total order is due at the time of order with the remaining 50% payable before product begins to ship. The design deposit will be applied to the final order to determine the total.

The design process takes time but that time varies widely from a couple of weeks to over a year. Product lead-times vary depending on manufacturing and can vary from 4-6 weeks to 16-18 weeks. We will discuss design and lead-times early on to be sure that we can work in your projected time-line and, of course, we will work on finding a solution that fits- if we cannot we will be up-front with you.

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Once the product has been ordered and has shipped out and we have coordinated the delivery with you and the other trades involved, the product can be delivered to the location and via the method of transport that we have agreed upon. Delivery can be curb-side or inside depending on your preference, resources or location and that detail will be discussed at time of order.

Installation services are additional and are outlined in the design agreement. The volume and weight of a delivery of salon equipment can be considerable and should be planned for accordingly.

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Once your new equipment is installed, Gigli&Massimo will work with you to be sure that everything was delivered as ordered and to help familiarize you with you new product! Our product is high-quality and we believe in having the utmost in customer service before and after the sale- a Gigli&Massimo-Italy professional will be there with you to provide solutions and support.



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